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April 9th, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Which Fair Housing Questions Colorado Springs Property Management Must Avoid

As it is the right of an investor or a property manager to ask potential tenants some relevant questions, the investor or the manager may feel free to ask almost anything so that the finest tenants can be selected for property rental. However, there is an obvious exception to this rule since property managers should not ask all questions since there is a legal restriction upon it. So, Colorado Springs property management is amenable to follow those legal restrictions like all other management companies operating in all states or cities across the world.

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Those avoidable questions are often termed as illegal interview questions, and none is legally allowed to make those questions which may hurt the prospective tenants or stand as an intrusion into the tenants’ privacy. However, asking some more questions than the usual may not be considered as the violation of rule.

Questions regarding the violation of Fair Housing laws:

Abiding by the Fair Housing Laws of a state or a country is a must, and property managers must avoid violating these laws. If a property manager asks his or her potential tenants some questions which can be explained as the discriminatory behaviors under the established Fair Housing Law.

In the USA, Fair Housing Act has been legislated in order to protect the following seven classes:

A property manager should never asking interested tenants about their race, color, national origin, religion, familial status and disability. Again, many states do not allow property managers to ask tenants those questions which are protected by state laws. Local authorities in Colorado have some distinctive protected classes which may include sexual orientation and marital status. In general, Colorado Springs property management includes that all managers be subject to abide by the rules of Fair Housing Laws.

Following are some examples of questions which may hold Colorado Springs property management responsible for the violation of Fair Housing Act if asked:

For racial queries:

  • What race do you belong to- Chinese or Japanese?
  • I see you look like an Italian guy. So, why do you not consider a property rental in the neighboring town over as you will have many pizza places there?
  • Why do you not love this area since many minorities abide in here?

Questions about the color:

  • Are you a Hispanic or white guy as I see you look very dark?
  • Do you think you can live here as I see you have been very pale?
  • Will you be able to live with comfort when staying some time in the neighborhood as I see you have got a dark complexion?

Questions about religion:

  • Will you have any Christmas decoration as I myself am not Christian?
  • Can you live here with comfort since there are only a few temples around here?
  • Are you a believer of Buddhist and will you listen to me that I do not want you to turn one of my rooms into a place for meditation?

Questions about sex:

A well-informed property manager who operates Colorado Springs property management knows that he or she must not ask tenants questions about sex which may also include sexual harassment or gender issues.

  • Will you be comfortable in living on the ground floor as you are a woman?

National origin:

Property managers need to avoid asking new tenants questions about their national origins and their parents.

  • Where were you born?
  • In what country were your own parents born?
  • What language do you speak as a first language?

Questions about disability or other issues if any:

Any company which operates Colorado Springs property management should never ask potential renters if they are disabled or alcoholic or fond of pets which are just wild.

Questions about familial status:

  • Do you have kids as I simply avoid renting this property to people who have kids?
  • Are you a pregnant woman as I avoid renting my property to someone who might have a screaming baby that can disturb my other tenants?

Questions about tenants’ sexual orientation or marital status:

  • Are you a married person?
  • Are you a divorced guy or widower?
  • Are you a gay or homosexual guy?

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Finally, Colorado Springs property management also includes that managers avoid a few other questions regarding the tenants’ income source in detail, prospects of employment and previous records of being arrested anywhere.

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