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January 2nd, 2015 at 3:16 am

How Can You Fire A Portland Property Management Company?

One of the reasons why you would want to fire the Portland Property Management company which you are working with is probably dissatisfaction. You may not be extremely happy with the services of your property management firm. If it is so then you should plan to end your association. You should take an immediate step and end the services. However you need to make sure that do it in the right way without even deviating from the contract. Otherwise you can end up getting involved in a legal trouble. So you should take into consideration all do’s and don’ts for terminating the contract without breaching it.

Portland Property Management

Your first step should be to serve a proper notice to the Portland Property Management firm. Go through your contract and read the termination clause and see the required number of days for termination. If you do not want to involve a lawsuit, you should let the property management firm serve its notice period.

Always intimate the property management firm in writing about their termination. You can send them the notice through email or post and include the date from which the contract termination would be effective. Clearly state the reason for termination of Portland Property Management firm and inform them that you are dissatisfied with their services. You should also file it to keep a proof that you did post them the termination. You should also ask them to send the acknowledgement slip so that it is confirmed that the property manager has certainly received the termination.

Now one thing that you also have to keep in mind is that you cannot terminate the contract if you do not have any solid reason. Every termination requires a cause which should be strong as a property manager can challenge it. A strong ground is needed for you to revoke the services. Like one of the reasons could be not taking care of property maintenance even after several tenants’s complaints or improper storage of security deposit. You could be sued if there isn’t any solid reason for terminating of contract.Property Management in Portland

You should check your agreement for the costs involved in termination of the Portland Property Management company. Some contracts don’t just require you to send a notice, but also certain fee for early termination. The termination fee could be as high as fee for remaining contract. Once you have filed for the termination, you need to inform all your tenants about this big change. You should do this in writing. You should also inform them who exactly would handle the properties from then on.

You could also terminate your contract with the firm if the property manager has violated the terms of the contract. If they have broken your trust, you cannot trust them all over again. So, you could state this as the reason for termination as well. Make sure you keep the copies of all necessary documents once the termination of Portland Property Management contract is done.



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