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May 18th, 2015 at 4:51 am

Grow Your Property Management Business with Local Search

Your property management company is viewable by people all over the world, but it is still a local business. Your company provides property management services in defined geographical areas so the web traffic that counts is people who are looking for rentals or property management services where you do business. You should design your marketing to attract local search to your website and this list will help you to achieve that as part of your overall Property Management SEO strategy.

Localize Your Website

Make sure your websiProperty Management SEOte mentions clearly states where you provide your property management services in several places on your website, including the home page, the About Us page, and within a list of FAQs. Include your company’s name, address, and phone numbers on your Contact page. Vary the way you describe the local area you serve by alternating city, county, and region names on your website and include them in keywords URLs, and meta-data. For example, you could also describe properties in the greater Pittsburgh area as Allegheny County or Western Pennsylvania.

Get Your Website Listed in the Online Directories

Add your website to the major local directories, including Google Local, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, Google+, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. When you add your company website to these major players search engines will more easily find and index your business site. Adding your site to the local listings of online directories increases the odds that customers will find you. An added bonus is these directories tend to share the information with other directories, maximizing your local search efforts. Make sure your information is entered accurately and thoroughly. Review the information in the directories periodically and update it as needed because if your business information is wrong in one of the major listings it very likely wrong in other listings too.

Get Listed in Your Local Directories

Don’t ignore the value of getting listed in local directories targeted to your industry or customer base. Seek out and get listed in your local property management association websites and your local Chamber of Commerce.

Blog About Your Service Area

Write unique articles that will be of interest to your customers and that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your local area. Search engines will love you for it and it will build brand awareness and your credibility in your local area.

Highlight Local Connections in Your Social Media Posts

Help people to find your properties through social media by referencing your location in your social media posts and highlighting local news and events. If you’re not already actively promoting your business on Facebook then get started now. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to build a community where you can engage with your customers. Savvy property management companies are using Facebook to communicate with their customers, solicit customer feedback, promote their property listings, and prospect for new customers. Consider creating a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a photo sharing site where you manage your images, so it’s perfect for promoting your hot property listings.SEO for Property Management

Be Patient

It takes time for your online marketing efforts to yield results so be patient and plan for continuous improvement. Keep adding fresh content to your website, blogging and interacting with your customers on social media. Maintain up to date business listings and make corrections as quickly as possible. Seeing a return on your local search strategy takes time and so does seeing the results of any corrections you have to make to your business listings.

If you’re still a bit confused about how to improve your local search results or you’re having difficulty, trouble shooting a local search issue, contact Surf Results Marketing for a talk about your local search and property management marketing property management marketing needs. Together, you can figure out what will get you the local search results you want within the budget you can afford.



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