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February 27th, 2015 at 3:19 am

Attracting long-term tenants with Property Management Laurel MD

Good TenantsAccording to many Housing Associations worldwide, the private rental sector is at the present moment one of the largest occupancies. More and more people are moving into rented accommodation, and as mortgages are starting to slip out of reach for many, privately owned homes, and apartments are starting to become long-term solutions for tenants, measuring up to buying a home.

In this case, we as a Property Management Laurel, MD company has found that tenants are looking for a place that they can call home, and becoming choosier where they lay down their roots. With this in mind, the most important thing to remember is that the way you present your property is now more important than ever. Whether you have years of managing properties or taking the first step into the world of rentals, we have gathered some valuable long-term tips to make sure that tenants are home when renting a property from you.

When deciding to renovate or decorate you should always keep in mind the rental value of the property or an apartment in the area you serve.

Help tenants make their mark
As it is tempting for Landlords to decorate their residential property with their own personal tastes, your long-term tenant will want to make your property their own. Provide them with a blank canvas to work with that is attractive to most potential renters, is neutral colored and with good taste. This includes the floors, walls, and curtains or blinds if provided.

We have found in the Laurel, MD Property Management vicinity that providing tenants with freedom to change their surroundings can become daunting and nightmarish if they are not experienced do it yourself enthusiasts when taking hammers, drills and tools to your freshly painted or plastered walls, however does not need to be this way.

Consider erecting picture hooks around the home or apartment, position, easy to remove curtains if, provided that includes storage, shelving that helps the tenant from breaking the tenancy agreement when personalizing their space. By having some simple solutions in place, occupants can hang pictures with ease, place their own curtains if they want and display their ornaments as required.

This makes sure that tenants feel at home and is sure to make them stay longer providing them with pride in their home and looking after it for you.

Make living for tenants easier
When it comes to making a house look nice is one thing, but how comfortable is the place to live in on a daily basis. With some simple things, you can make or break an occupants rental experience and prevent them from staying longer. Make sure the temperature is right and benefit from using thicker carpets that provide warmth or even wooden floors to keep the place cool.

Is the lighting of the place right in all parts of the home as poorly placed street lamps or security lights from neighbors provides sleepless nights? Provide great block-out blinds or let the tenant provide their own. Provide the renter with their own security light as it will provide them with peace of mind especially when living on their own.

Animal comforts
At many Property Management Laurel, MD companies we know that many Landlords do not prefer having pets on the property, however before completely dismissing this part of the agreement consider how many prospective tenants are lost in the process as they are struggling to find suitable tenancy for them and their beloved pets.

We are not saying that you should allow the whole zoo on the property, maybe only one or two that are well-behaved animals. You can even visit the prospective renter in their current rental home and meet their pets before deciding. Looking for scratch marks on walls and chewed up carpets or furniture. If still concerned add a clause to the agreement that asks tenants to pay for a professional, specialized deep cleaning process when they leave.

By permitting pets, you open yourself to a wider market and take on some top tenants as they have a cat that would not be able to rent anywhere else.

Come up with the goods
Many tenants who are only starting out renting do not have many white goods and are not able to afford them. Therefore, the option to rent a place that has a fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher included makes it more tempting for them. These appliances need not be expensive as long as they are energy efficient and rated will provide the cherry on the cake when it comes to attracting prospective renters.

When supplying appliances make sure to inform the tenant how the appliances will provide them with saving costs on their utility bills. When buying these white appliances takes out an extended warranty to make sure that, the investment lasts as long as possible without running up high bills in case they are faulty.

Keep the garden simple
Another thing that we as a Laurel, MD Property Management company have found is that gardens are attractive to tenants, but the task of maintaining it becomes daunting. Keep the landscaping simple with low maintenance borders and plants, if a lawn is present provide a cheap lawnmower to use.

Provide tenants with all in one instruction on how to maintain certain plants as they appreciate it and save the worry especially in the summer months. If the tenant is green-fingered, you can benefit from the situation by providing them with freedom in the outdoor areas and leave behind beautiful landscaping costing you not a penny.



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