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How to Identify and Report Elderly Abuse

Everyday, elderly people are subjected to different forms of abuse and they cannot report because of fear of retaliation. Because of old age, some of the victims cannot report. This usually happens at both their homes and senior care facility. The society has the mandate to take care of the less fortunate in the society and the elderly fall in this category. One of the best ways to take care of the elderly is reporting to the authorities when they are abused in any way. Some of the signs that shows that an elderly is being abused is if he or she is always unusually quiet or agitated around the caretaker. In this website, you will read more about elderly abuse to help protect the elderly.

First and foremost, you should understand the different forms of elderly abuse to make it easy to report. If the word abuse is mentioned, the first thing that comes in mind is physical abuse. Apart from physical abuse, there is financial abuse which is very common. This usually happens when there is a caretaker who controls their money. Some of the forms of physical abuse that you should know include slapping, pushing, or punching that leads to physical injury. Sexual, healthcare, and psychological abuse are the other types of elderly abuse that you should know. Read more here regarding the many types of elderly abuse.

What are the signs of elderly abuse? You have to be keen to know if your loved one is being abused. Be informed about the different signs of abuse and neglect. An elderly who is being abused usually suffer different mental health issues such as depression and sudden change in personality. In some situations, the elderly can exhibit fear. To establish physical abuse, you should check for physical injury marks on the body. Once you notice any sign of abuse at home or in a senior care facility, you should not hesitate to speak out.

Beware of elderly scams which are common today. This is common because the elderly are not usually savvy about the internet. The most common form of scam against the elderly is prize announcement. In most cases, the elderly will be asked to pay a small fee to get the large cash prize which will completely render them broke. Read more now about the other forms of scams here!

Now that you understand elderly abuse, you should know how to report. As soon as you suspect elderly abuse, you should call 911. After that, you should contact a lawyer who will help your prosecute the nursing home or caretaker.